What are the common chronic diseases? What is the harm to health?

Common chronic diseases in clinic include hypertension, stroke, diabetes, impotence, cancer and so on.

These common chronic diseases do harm to people’s health and bring adverse effects to people’s normal life.

In modern society, productivity is greatly improved compared with ancient times. People’s material and spiritual living standards are far higher than those of ancient people. People’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher.

With the enrichment of material and spiritual life, the causes of disease are also diverse. In order to adapt to the current fast-paced and diverse life, people’s ideological pressure is increasing, and the brain’s load is increasing.

Family is the cell of society and the basic structure of society. New family concepts constantly impact on old ones. People’s responsibilities in the family have greatly increased.

In this new situation, the proportion of diseases caused by mental tension and adverse mental stimulation is gradually increasing. The medical department needs to adapt to the new situation and how to make patients with chronic diseases recover as soon as possible.

So, what harm do these common chronic diseases do to human health?

In short, if the blood pressure of hypertension can not be effectively controlled, the blood pressure often fluctuates up and down, and over time, it can often lead to heart, brain, kidney disease, hypertensive heart disease, stroke, kidney disease;

Stroke seriously endangers human health, with high mortality and disability rates; Diabetes is commonly known as the disease of wealth and wealth. The incidence of diabetes is very high in all countries. It can not control blood glucose in time and effectively. There are many complications and great harm;

If we can control diet and oral hypoglycemic drugs correctly under the guidance of doctors, diabetes can be completely controlled;

Common hepatitis can be divided into type A and type B. hepatitis A is also known as acute icteric hepatitis. If it can be treated correctly, it can be cured in three months, with complete treatment and few sequelae;

If not completely cured, it can also develop into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Therefore, the rehabilitation of hepatitis patients is very important.

After suffering from hepatitis B, it is entirely possible to keep optimistic mood and actively cooperate with doctors to control their symptoms.

On the contrary, it can further develop. Liver damage to a certain extent can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

If nephritis can not effectively control diet and medication is not appropriate, it can often develop into uremia or renal anemia or renal hypertension.

In short, the rehabilitation of the above common chronic diseases is very important, which plays a decisive role in the prognosis of the disease.

We should pay attention to the rehabilitation of chronic diseases, which is an important part of the improvement and recovery of chronic diseases.

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