THE factors what causes hypertension

what causes hypertension?

The occurrence of hypertension is not overnight, it has internal and external causes. The common reasons are as follows:

THE factors what causes hypertension
THE factors what causes hypertension

① Urban and rural areas:

due to the different living environment and work nature between urban and rural areas, the incidence of hypertension in urban areas is much higher than that in rural areas.

② Occupation:

according to a large number of survey data, the incidence of hypertension is high in occupations with intense mental work, while the incidence is low in occupations with manual work.

③ Age:

according to the study, the prevalence of people older than 40 years old is about 3.4 times higher than that of people aged 15-39 years old, and the incidence gradually increases with age. Therefore, hypertension is the greatest threat to the health of the elderly. At the same time, it is worth noting that if the blood pressure is high in infancy, the blood pressure will rise higher and faster with age; When the blood pressure was low in childhood, the blood pressure rose slowly, and some even decreased. Therefore, we should pay attention to the prevention of hypertension from an early age.

④ Gender:

research data show that: the prevalence of hypertension in men is much higher than that in women; At the same time, if the blood pressure levels of both sexes are the same, the severity of men’s disease is higher than that of women, the development speed and deterioration degree are also faster and more serious than that of women, and the prognosis of men’s hypertension is also worse than that of women.

⑤ Weight:

among patients with hypertension, obesity and overweight are more common. Although the body is thin, it is also easy to get fat after suffering from hypertension.

⑥ Smoking:

according to clinical observation, there is a significant difference in the prevalence of hypertension between smoking and non-smoking. Generally speaking, the risk of malignant hypertension in smokers is 4 times that in nonsmokers; And if patients with hypertension smoke again, the chance of hypertension evolving into malignant hypertension will be greatly increased. Therefore, smoking cessation is very important for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

⑦ Table salt:

salt intake is closely related to the occurrence and development of hypertension. Generally speaking, the more salt intake, the higher the prevalence of hypertension; On the contrary, if the intake of salt does not exceed the physiological requirements of the human body, the prevalence of hypertension is generally low.

⑧ Genetics:

clinical research shows that hypertension has a family genetic history, and blood pressure tends to be higher or lower in families. What is more convincing is that there are quite obvious differences in the prevalence of different ethnic groups, indicating that the occurrence of hypertension is closely related to genetics.

In addition,what causes hypertension? serious noise, excessive labor and habitual constipation are all the causes of hypertension.

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