What are the rehabilitation therapies for chronic diseases?

Rehabilitation therapies for chronic diseases:

The modern medical model pays attention to the psychological and social factors of human beings, and changes from the biomedical model to the biological, psychological and social medical model, which improves the status of social factors, disease prevention and rehabilitation.

The so-called rehabilitation refers to the ultimate goal of people’s complete recovery, that is, to restore the ability of daily living and return to society. And rehabilitation therapy is called “the third medicine”.

What are the rehabilitation therapies for chronic diseases?
What are the rehabilitation therapies for chronic diseases?

Rehabilitation therapy mainly includes the following aspects:

  • ① Various physiotherapy: including electrotherapy and phototherapy. For local or systemic dysfunction or lesions of the human body, non-invasive and non drug treatment is used to restore the original physiological function of the body.
  • ② Occupational therapy: including basic daily life movements of clothing, food, housing and transportation, professional labor movements and other training, the purpose is to gradually adapt patients to the needs of personal life, family life and social life.
  • ③ Medical Sports: it is one of the main methods of rehabilitation medicine. Such as running, Tai Chi, etc.
  • ④ Language training: conduct language training for aphasia patients to restore their speaking ability as much as possible.
  • ⑤ Psychological rehabilitation: study the psychological and intellectual status of patients, and use psychotherapy to make patients recover as soon as possible in terms of function and spirit.

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