How to treat hypoglycemia in diabetic patients?

Treat hypoglycemia:

The primary treatment for hypoglycemia is the replenishment of glucose. If the reaction is mild, the patient is conscious and can still swallow and eat, they should immediately be given foods such as sugar water, sugary drinks, sweet foods, cookies, fruits, and sugar. Oral sucrose or starch-based foods may not solve the problem, and intravenous glucose injection should be used to correct hypoglycemia.

If a severe hypoglycemic reaction occurs and the patient cannot swallow, high-concentration glucose should be injected intravenously, such as 50% glucose 50-100 ml, to quickly reverse hypoglycemia and prevent irreversible brain damage. Glucose saline solution should then be continued to be administered intravenously. If hypoglycemia is severe and lasts for a long time, hospitalization should be considered.

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