Points to Note in Health Education and Health Promotion Work

Health education and health promotion possess both natural science attributes and social science characteristics.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the following points in carrying out these activities:

Political Correctness

Ensure that health education and health promotion activities meet the needs of the masses, inspire them to actively participate in environmental transformation, and improve personal behavior, consciously eliminating various subjective factors that harm health.


Health education and health promotion are activities with strict scientific concepts and theoretical systems. They can increase the level of health knowledge in the population, guide health practices, and establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. Therefore, they must be rigorous in terms of scientificity.

Mass Characteristics

Due to the target audience being the general public, the activities should be combined with health care as the central theme and the actual situation of the masses. The aim is to popularize simple and effective disease prevention and treatment methods as well as health knowledge for self-care. The legislation should be concise, easy to understand, and readily accepted by the masses.

Artistic Characteristics

The diversity and artistic nature of the activities can prevent boredom for the general public. The content and format should be designed to be popular and appealing to the masses. The language used should be accurate, vivid, and dynamic to make it more acceptable to the public.

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