3 things are needed to prevent hypertension

Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption helps prevent increased blood pressure.

Smoking can cause blood pressure to rise and also lead to other harmful effects on the body. Therefore, it is necessary to quit smoking actively. Excessive alcohol can also increase blood pressure, and we advocate no drinking, especially strong liquor such as whiskey, at least control daily alcohol consumption, with less than 30g of alcohol per day,即less than 50g of high-proof liquor, or less than 150g of wine, or less than 500g of beer; women should consume even less, and pregnant women should not drink alcohol, drunkenness should be strictly prohibited. The latest advice on alcohol consumption from the World Health Organization is: the less alcohol consumed, the better.

3 things are needed to prevent hypertension
3 things are needed to prevent hypertension

Controlling weight helps prevent hypertension.

Controlling weight is very beneficial to health. If the average weight of the population decreases by 5kg, the weight of hypertensive patients decreases by 10%, which not only can reduce hypertension but also can improve diseases such as diabetes and hyperlipidemia. It is recommended to control the body mass index (kg/mm) below 24.

The method of controlling weight includes controlling food intake to reduce total calorie intake, and increasing physical activity and exercise, as well as overcoming the habit of eating sweets and snacks. The speed of weight loss varies from person to person, but the first weight loss goal should be to lose 5kg, and then determine the speed and goal of further weight loss based on relevant indicators and self-perceived comfort.

Maintaining psychological balance is important for preventing hypertension.

Long-term mental stress and depression are one of the main causes of hypertension and some chronic diseases. For people with mental stress and imbalance, participate in more social activities, communicate more with family, colleagues, community doctors, and peers of the same age, engage in moderate physical exercise, often express confusions and relieve bottled-up emotions, seek advice and understanding from others. In summary, use various psychological adjustment methods to maintain optimism, tolerance, and a positive attitude towards life.

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