What are the health points for preventing gestational hypertension

What are the health points for preventing gestational hypertension?
What are the health points for preventing gestational hypertension

Preventing gestational hypertension measures include the following:

  1. Understand prenatal knowledge: All pregnant mothers should be aware of the pathophysiological changes during pregnancy and take appropriate measures, such as maintaining a good mood, balanced diet, and moderate exercise. If any abnormal feelings occur, consult a doctor promptly.
  2. Regularly measure blood pressure and related physical examinations: Regularly check blood pressure to understand your physical condition and take appropriate measures when blood pressure rises.
  3. Monitor fetal health: Pay attention to fetal movements, monitor fetal heart rate, and check for edema to ensure fetal health.
  4. Measure urinary protein content: Test urine protein twice a week to assess renal function.
  5. Limit physical activities: According to the doctor’s advice, appropriately limit physical activities to avoid excessive fatigue.
  6. Maintain a normal diet: Eat a balanced diet, ensuring sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals, and avoid excessive salt intake.
  7. Monitor weight: Regularly measure weight to understand weight gain and avoid excessive obesity.
  8. Maintain a good mood: Stay happy and avoid excessive anxiety and tension.
  9. Use medication when necessary: Use medication under the doctor’s guidance according to the actual situation to control blood pressure.

By following these measures, hypertensive pregnancy can be effectively prevented, reducing maternal and infant mortality and severe complications. Pregnant women with hypertensive pregnancy should closely monitor blood pressure changes, consult a doctor promptly, and follow the doctor’s treatment advice.

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