Is over-resting beneficial for chronic disease recovery?

over-resting for chronic disease recovery:

In a person’s life, about one-third of the time is spent sleeping, and about two-thirds of the time is spent working, eating, or engaging in other activities. In general, the human life process is a combination of rest and work, and life can continue indefinitely.

Medicine believes that moderate labor and rest are important conditions for human health. Human physiological activities ultimately depend on the normal operation of the human body.

In the process of disease recovery, we advocate both sufficient rest time and moderate exercise time. If you are too comfortable and think that lying in bed can cure the disease and restore your health, it is wrong.

On the contrary, being too comfortable and not engaging in proper exercise can lead to poor blood circulation. This will directly affect the recovery of the body’s functions, resulting in extended recovery time, leaving sequelae, and delaying or delaying the time for recovery, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

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