How to eat fruits for diabetes patients

Eat fruits for diabetes patients:

Diabetes patients can also eat fruits appropriately, but they need to grasp the right timing and tricks for eating fruits.

When blood sugar control is relatively good

You can eat fruits when fasting blood sugar is controlled at 7.8mmol/L and postprandial blood sugar is below 10mmol/L. If blood sugar control is not ideal, you can replace fruits with items like tomatoes and cucumbers, and then choose other fruits once blood sugar is under control.

The timing of eating fruits

Fruits can be eaten as snacks between meals or before bedtime, but it is generally not recommended to eat fruits right before or after meals.

Choose fruits with lower sugar content

Fruits like kiwis, strawberries, and oranges have lower sugar content and are more suitable for diabetes patients. However, grapes, bananas, red dates, litchi, and pineapple have higher sugar content, and diabetes patients should consume them in moderation.

According to the principles of dietary treatment, diabetes patients can eat about 200g of fruits per day. If they eat more, they should reduce their staple food accordingly.

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