Health Promotion for Chronic Diseases

Health Promotion:

The public’s awareness is the first step

In the prevention and control of chronic diseases, the first step is to objectively make the general public aware of the main public health issues and related influencing factors in their living environment. Then, targeted health promotion strategies and activities should be implemented systematically and organized for different target groups to create a conducive environment for health, change unhealthy behaviors and lifestyles, prevent diseases, and promote overall health, including physical, mental, and social well-being.

Community population is the foundation

Health promotion is community-based and can target general populations, specific populations, or high-risk populations. An intervention network should be established to ensure that intervention activities are implemented at the unit, family, and individual levels. Emphasis should be placed on the widespread participation of community members, including mass organizations within the community. A typical local community can serve as a model, leading to a gradual and planned comprehensive rollout across the region.

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