What are the external factors that can trigger diabetes?

Factors that can trigger diabetes:

We know that diabetes is a systemic chronic disease caused by relative or absolute insufficient secretion of insulin, which leads to increased blood sugar and urine sugar. The determining factor for its occurrence is genetic inheritance, which is internally decided, but it is absolutely necessary to ignore the role of numerous trigger factors. The main clinical factors that can induce diabetes include the following:

  1. Obesity: According to clinical observations, a high proportion of diabetes patients are overweight. Among them, overweight women in their 40s are more prominent. The reason is that the number of insulin receptors in obese individuals decreases, and their sensitivity to insulin weakens.
  2. Infection: Experimental studies have shown that infection itself cannot cause diabetes but can make latent diabetes manifest.
  3. Diet: Overeating can cause obesity, leading to high fat and hyperglycemia, which can induce diabetes.

The above points are all external factors, and the fundamental cause is genetic inheritance. External factors must act through internal factors. However, if we can adjust the inducing factors, pay attention to diet, reduce obesity, control infection, and actively participate in physical exercise, we can reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

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