Diabetes treatment can be considered effective only when it reaches the Diabetes treatment goals

Achieving Diabetes treatment goals can lead to conditional health.

With current medical methods, diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be effectively controlled. If you can reach the control goals, even with diabetes, you can achieve conditional health and become a “healthy person.” This allows you to live, study, work, and participate in various social activities just like normal people, enjoying a normal quality of life, physical and mental health, and a normal life expectancy. There are many diabetes patients with a disease duration of over 30 years who, through regular lifestyle and medication management, and regular follow-up visits, have not developed any chronic complications.

Diabetes treatment can be considered effective only when it reaches the Diabetes treatment goals
Diabetes treatment can be considered effective only when it reaches the Diabetes treatment goals

Children with diabetes can have normal growth and development and can marry and have children like normal people. For newly diagnosed or complication-free diabetes patients, if symptoms and metabolic disorders can be well controlled, the majority can reach treatment goals. In real life, some type 2 diabetes patients with asymptomatic or mild symptoms can still lead normal lives and work. However, if they do not take diabetes treatment seriously, they will become “poisoned” long-term companions of chronic hyperglycemia and cannot achieve conditional health.

Treat the disease without meeting the standards, allowing complications to develop.

In the clinical field of diabetes, diabetes education has not been popularized; Diabetes prevention and control network has not been established and improved; Most patients do not receive professional treatment for diabetes, and the key point of doctor-patient cooperation to cure diabetes has not been realized; Most of the patients with diabetes simply seek medical advice and take medicine; Some patients just pursue “magic pills” “Traditional remedies”, folk remedies, and even magical and eccentric witch doctors believe that they can cure diabetes in this way. Doing so not only imposes unnecessary economic burdens and wastes money, but also fails to achieve the goal of treating the disease. In fact, not many people clearly understand their own diseases.

Long-term satisfaction with formal treatment without asking for efficacy, without monitoring blood sugar and urine sugar, and without understanding the long-term chronic hyperglycemia that causes toxicity to their own cells and brings about structural and functional changes in multiple organs, but also fails to detect the harm of substandard treatment early, allowing multiple system complications to occur and develop.

Long-term uncontrolled treatment leads to multiple organ damage, even disability or death.

Clinical practice has proven that when long-term treatment targets are not met and complications are allowed to develop, the harm and consequences are inevitably multiple organ damage, especially impairment of major organ functions. Cardio-cerebrovascular lesions and diabetic kidney disease have become the main causes of death for diabetes patients, and diabetic retinopathy has become a major cause of blindness in ophthalmology. At this stage, there are no specific therapies for treating refractory complications, and treating organ function restoration is also challenging. This not only greatly increases the family’s medical expenses but also exacerbates the patient’s suffering and can even lead to disability or death.

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