Diabetes treatment should adopt a comprehensive therapeutic strategy

Comprehensive therapeutic strategy:

Diabetes is a progressive lifelong disease. Simply relying on medication without cooperation of lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, and without the correct attitude towards diabetes, it is impossible to achieve good blood sugar control. The management of diabetes requires the joint participation of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, patients, families, and society. Firstly, patients with diabetes, as the implementers of management, should have a correct understanding of diabetes.

They should adhere to a reasonable lifestyle in daily life, manage the disease scientifically, have a good attitude towards it, actively cooperate with doctors, attend regular follow-up appointments, and increase their compliance with treatment plans. Only by persistently adhering to treatment, timely understanding the progression of the disease (keeping records of various monitoring indicators), regarding diabetes as a friend, and treating it well throughout life can we coexist peacefully with it and avoid the development of complications. The treatment of diabetes should adopt a comprehensive therapeutic strategy, which has two meanings.

  • Firstly, the treatment of diabetes includes medical nutrition (diet) therapy, exercise therapy, diabetes self-management education, drug therapy, and glucose monitoring as five specific treatment measures. These five comprehensive treatment measures are described as “five horses”, which are indispensable for achieving ideal treatment effects.
  • Secondly, the purpose of diabetes treatment is to correct metabolic disorders of sugar, protein, fat, water, and electrolytes through the above treatment measures, prevent acute complications, and prevent the occurrence of chronic complications. Therefore, in addition to glucose-lowering treatment to correct glucose metabolism disorders, it also includes correcting other metabolic disorders such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. Glucose-lowering treatment should be accompanied by antihypertensive drugs, lipid-lowering drugs, weight loss treatment if necessary, and even smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, as well as comprehensive measures such as antiplatelet aggregation, to reduce the various risk factors for the occurrence of diabetes chronic complications, thereby achieving good survival quality and satisfactory life expectancy.

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