what are the side effects of masturbation in male daily!

what are the side effects of masturbation in male daily!

1.Hair loss due to prolonged fatigue from excessive masturbation, leading to dry, split, thinning hair, and ultimately hair loss.

2.Forgetfulness, diminished logic, and computational abilities.

3.Blurred vision, nearsightedness, and dark circles due to prolonged eye strain and indulgence in masturbation, resulting in decreased vision clarity and clouded eyes.

4.Nasal congestion, typically alternating sides.

5.Acne, often in those prone to lust, characterized by red, large, hard, dark blemishes, and dull, sallow skin with acne in many body areas.

what are the side effects of masturbation in male daily!
what are the side effects of masturbation in male daily!

6.Bad breath that cannot be eliminated by brushing alone.

7.Tinnitus, with a constant buzzing sound in the ears.

8.Stunted growth and underdevelopment, especially in adolescents addicted to masturbation, leading to excessive energy consumption and a smaller stature.

9.Frequent colds and coughs due to reduced immunity.


11.Accumulation of abdominal fat.

12.Insomnia, frequent dreams, and mouth ulcers, feeling unrested and fatigued upon waking.

13.Abnormal urination, either too yellow or too clear.

14.Urinary bifurcation due to prolonged indulgence and constant prostate congestion and swelling.

15.Prostate enlargement, even prostatitis, due to chronic congestion and loss of normal state, leading to gradual adaptation and enlargement.

16.Abnormal bowel movements, difficulty forming stools.

17.Premature ejaculation.


19.Damp scrotum.

20.Foot odor.

21.Mood swings, irritability, depression, pessimism, timidity.

22.Oily skin.

23.Rapid beard growth due to excessive secretion of male hormones.

24.Erectile dysfunction.

25.Facial flushing, dry eyes, and excessive eye discharge.

26.Increased risk of hemorrhoids.

3 Harmful Masturbation Techniques(what are the side effects of masturbation in male daily!):

1.Masturbation with foreign objects:

Some adolescents insert objects like pen caps, straw stems, hair clips, or plastic strings into the urethra for pleasure, leading to urinary tract foreign bodies, more commonly in males. This can cause urinary or bladder neck obstruction, difficulty urinating, urinary retention, infections, and eventually urinary system stone disease. Curious underage females might insert pens, chopsticks, fruit pits, or beans into the vagina, which can lead to infections, bleeding, and pain if the object is too large to be removed on its own.

2.Incorrect masturbation techniques:

Some men adopt various incorrect techniques from the start, such as pressing the penis downward and backward, squeezing it between the legs without rubbing or seeking ejaculatory climax. Long-term use of such self-stimulation can lead to ejaculation suppression and result in infertility due to inability to ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

3.Erotic asphyxiation:

A deviant method of masturbation that involves self-stimulation while inducing brain hypoxia through various methods. Achieving orgasm in a semi-asphyxiated state enhances sexual pleasure but carries the risk of death by suffocation if misused.
Gentlemen, staying away from excessive masturbation is both sexually rewarding and healthy!

The author suggests that readers who are addicted to masturbation should participate in outdoor activities, such as outdoor camps, and try to spend more time in communication and less time alone.

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