How can high-risk groups prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetes?

Prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetes:

High risk groups include those with family history of type 2 diabetes;Individuals with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or premature coronary heart disease, previous abnormal glucose metabolism during pregnancy, and those who have given birth to macrosomic infants (over 4kg in weight);Low birth weight infants;People who have too little physical activity, obesity, and excess nutrition.

How can high-risk groups prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetes
How can high-risk groups prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetes

The risk of diabetes can be reduced by 58% at most through lifestyle intervention.However, strict lifestyle intervention for a long time may be difficult for many high-risk groups.
Therefore, in addition to the full set of preventive measures for healthy people, the following measures can be considered for the prevention of high-risk groups:

The main drug for oral prevention is acarbose tablets.

Acarbose tablets can reduce the relative risk of type 2 diabetes by 33%.The chance of reversing IG1 to normal glucose metabolism increased by 29.5%. Some people used half of the treatment dose (acarbose 50mg, three times a day, 0.25g, three times a day). After three years, the relative risk of diabetes was reduced by 87.8% in the BTP group and 78.8% in the BTM group.The group with reasonable diet and exercise reduced by 43%.

Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of complications and other risk factors.

High risk groups should pay more attention to the prevention and treatment of complications of diabetes and other risk factors.It is necessary to regularly check the levels of urinary albumin, microalbuminuria, and blood lipids, and perform an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) on high-risk individuals once a year, which is of great significance for early diagnosis and treatment.It is important to stress that actively treating hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and smoking cessation are as important as controlling blood sugar (including fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugar).

Improve insulin sensitivity.

Insulin resistance is an important cause of type 2 diabetes. Improving insulin sensitivity is of great significance in preventing abnormal glucose tolerance and improving the blood sugar level of diabetes.Positive exercise therapy can improve insulin sensitivity.After one week of aerobic exercise, the insulin sensitivity index can be increased by 58%. Long-term or short-term exercise can enhance insulin sensitivity.

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