Why do puerperal women have sudden stroke?

Why do puerperal women have sudden stroke?
Why do puerperal women have sudden stroke?

Puerperal period is commonly known as confinement. Some puerperal women will have sudden stroke, hemiplegia and other symptoms, which are mostly caused by cerebral venous thrombosis. The direct cause of cerebral venous thrombosis is puerperal infection, so its clinical symptoms are somewhat different from general stroke. The clinical manifestations of the disease mainly include the following aspects.

  1. Symptoms of infection. Suddenly cold, fever, take ear blood found that the white blood cell count increased significantly.
  2. increased intracranial pressure. Have severe headache and vomiting.
  3. stroke symptoms. Convulsions that are generalized or confined to one upper or lower extremity, and paralysis or hemiplegia of one upper or lower extremity.
  4. take cerebrospinal fluid through lumbar puncture. Red blood cells are visible, and cerebrospinal fluid pressure is significantly increased.

How should puerperal women with stroke be treated?

As the direct cause of the disease is puerperal bacterial infection, anti-inflammatory treatment should be considered first, and antibiotics can be reasonably selected according to different pathogenic bacteria. According to the clinical manifestations of high intracranial pressure, reduce intracranial pressure rapidly, and the commonly used drug is mannitol intravenous infusion. And with hormone therapy, cortisone or Flumetasone can be used, intravenous drip.

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