The causes of stroke

The causes of stroke is mainly induced by four aspects, which will be briefly introduced below:

The causes of stroke
The causes of stroke

1.Emotional factors:

Joy, anger, worry, thinking, sorrow, fear, and surprise are the manifestations of seven physiological psychological activities. During intense emotions, such as extreme anger, the risk of stroke increases because anger can cause sudden increases in blood pressure, accelerated breathing, increased heart rate, and muscle tension, which may lead to sudden fainting and stroke.


This includes both mental and physical aspects. Medical experts believe that fatigue can decrease physical immunity, metabolic capacity, and the ability of blood to transport oxygen. On the other hand, when there is still a lot of work to do while feeling fatigued, the body forces itself to increase blood pressure, stimulate the sympathetic nerves, and mobilize more oxygen to consume.

3.Uncontrolled diet.

The digestive functions of middle-aged and elderly people are relatively weak compared to young people, and their diet should be light. If you eat too much greasy and sweet food, it will damage your spleen and stomach, causing disorders of digestive function, and will produce too much unabsorbed metabolic waste in your body, which is one of the causes of stroke; at the same time, excessive drinking and overeating are also important causes of stroke.

4.Climate factors.

Clinically, it is found that every October and November is the time when autumn transitions to winter, and every April and May are the high incidence periods of stroke. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, and the sudden disorder of blood vessel regulation triggers the occurrence of stroke.

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