How to respond urgently after a stroke

Respond urgently after a stroke:

It is crucial to take timely emergency measures after a stroke for the patient’s successful treatment, reduction of complications, and future rehabilitation.

respond urgently after a stroke
respond urgently after a stroke
  1. Stay calm and provide emotional comfort to the patient to boost their confidence.
  2. If you suspect a stroke, place the patient in a supine position, slightly elevate their head and shoulders, and tilt their head to one side to prevent aspiration of phlegm or vomit into the trachea. If there is vomit blocking the patient’s nose and mouth, try to remove it to maintain airway patency.
  3. Ensure the patient lies flat, unbutton their collar, tie, belt, and bra. If they have dentures, remove them. You can either not use a pillow or place it behind their shoulders to slightly elevate their chin.
  4. In cold seasons, pay attention to keeping the patient warm. Avoid bright lights to prevent stimulation.
  5. Call the emergency center or a neurology department of a hospital for assistance. Keep the phone line open and follow the doctor’s guidance if necessary. Those with access to oxygen can provide it. Do not administer medication on your own before a doctor’s definitive diagnosis.

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