Precautions for Diabetic Patients During Physical Exercise

Diabetic Patients During Physical Exercise:

Diabetes is a lifelong disease. For elderly patients, dietary control can effectively treat diabetes, and it can be said that dietary therapy is the most important and effective treatment. While treating diabetes with dietary therapy, appropriately engaging in physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, lower blood sugar and lipid levels, and prevent the occurrence of complications.

During physical exercise, it is necessary to avoid engaging in intense activities, such as long-distance running, ball games, etc., which are not suitable. However, there are various forms of physical exercise, such as cycling, Tai Chi, walking, rowing, etc. Among them, walking is the most practical and easiest to persist with, and we believe that walking should be the preferred form of exercise for diabetic patients.

Walking exercise can be divided into three types: fast walking, moderate walking, and slow walking. Among them, it is advisable to start with slow walking, which not only achieves the purpose of exercise but also controls the movement from being excessive. We advocate appropriately engaging in walking after meals, or when the residence is not far from the workplace, it is better to walk to work. Persistently maintaining this habit will definitely achieve the expected results.

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